Conor Levey
Conor Levey

Notre Dame Football

continued total investment in this team is 100% the worst choice i make for my health on an ongoing basis


Notre Dame is great for a lot of reasons, but let's be honest: football is king. I worked with the football creative team on social media projects during the 2015 season.


Head Coach Brian Kelly often emphasizes the singular nature of each season. Notre Dame has a long history of football, but each team is a group of players that only exists together once. Seniors graduate, new recruits enter, and new opponents fill next year's schedule. The Team 127 moniker reinforced that this group had one chance to leave their mark. I crafted a badge that appeared on team social media throughout the year.

Team 127 v9-01.png

The original concept for the Team 127 badge drew inspiration offseason training with former Navy SEALs. The stenciled numbers NOD TO military vehicle MARKINGS.

Other variations of the badge included different colors and a brick pattern based on Notre Dame Stadium's original facade.


The badge lived as a key part of team social media throughout the 2015 season. It often appeared on highlight photos and videos, as well as post-drive score updates.d as a social media accessory.


Culture Beats Scheme was the motto for Team 127. The phrase spoke to Notre Dame's efforts to build team chemistry that went above and beyond the playbook. i built a flexible tag for social media photos. the Tag saw heavy use in the preseason, especially during fall camp practices.