Conor Levey
Conor Levey


so i had this idea in college, yeah? and then bonobos goes and launches an activewear line! i coulda been rich! (or it was a super obvious next step…)


Challenged in class to take an existing brand and extend it into a new space, I chose Bonobos. I have an affinity for the brand because they are the only company that makes pants I fit in. I imagined A Bonobos activewear sub-brand. Turns out I was on to something, as they actually launched one about 18 months later.

The existing brand features a bold wordmark, quirky details, and a lighthearted approach to retail menswear.

I took an additive approach, appending the "FIT" BADGE to the end of the existing wordmark.


Among the touches that makes Bonobos a memorable brand are the ninja logos. Once upon a time, a besuited ninja sticker came in every box. I played off that staple by building some ninjas in jerseys ready for action on-court or on-field.


Alternate versions of the wordmark put balls in place of the letter O. This injects yet more levity into the brand, while also focusing it on active use.


Mock webpages build on the established site with simple blocking and snappy copy.