Conor Levey
Conor Levey



Let’s get some of the easy stuff out of the way: I’m tall (6’8”). I went to Notre Dame (c/o 2016). I LIVE IN Baltimore, MD, but remain a Hoosier at heart. I work at Under Armour building the future of BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL.

I’m a graphic designer by training, apparel designer by trade, and, in the words of a coworker, the "biggest, tallest Wikipedia" they know.

Design has two core functions: solving problems and telling stories. Successful execution against both requires a strong grasp of context. My career is built on providing that context. in my time at Under Armour, i’ve spent Countless hours immersing myself in the worlds that spring up around sports teams. These worlds are vibrant and complex, and the passion they inspire leaves little room for error.

context is the spark that lights creative fires. if you’re ready to start a fire, get in touch.