Conor Levey
Conor Levey



Let’s get some of the easy stuff out of the way: I’m tall (6’8”). I went to Notre Dame (c/o 2016). I LIVE IN Baltimore, MD, but remain a Hoosier at heart. I work at Under Armour building the future of football, basketball, and soccer.

I’m a graphic designer by training, apparel designer by trade, and, in the words of a coworker, the "biggest, tallest Wikipedia" they know.

my short career has reinforced that design is about telling stories. Strong stories have a firm grasp on their narrative, which starts with knowing the context the story will live in. Building that context is what I do best. I consume, filter, and repurpose information rapidly to orient and inform design perspectives. I’m an agile thinker, a sharp designer, and a thoughtful critic. I’m always looking for new challenges and opportunities for growth.

If you’re interested in the services of a big, tall Wikipedia, get in touch.